Product Range

What we do

Traditional whole muscle joints

We use the finest cuts of meat to produce delicious whole muscle joints of the highest quality.

Formed and reformed logs

Uniform shape square and circular slicing logs for convenience and minimal wastage.


Varying slice thicknesses. Stacked of shingled. Ideal for sandwiches and catering.


Cubes, stamps or batons. Perfect for pies, quiches, soups, pizza toppings etc.

Shredding and hand pulling

Chunky to fine shred. Pulled pork, shredded ham hock, pulled brisket, shredded chicken and more.


Cooked or uncooked rashers and lardons. Light to dark cook levels and bacon crumb.


We have been curing meat for generations and can offer dry cure, sweet cure, low salt cures, Wiltshire cure, you name it!

Natural smoking

Authentic natural smoking using Beechwood, Applewood, Cherrywood and many more.

Seasonings and Flavours

Traditional flavours and seasonings as well as the most current flavour trends from around the world.


Contact roasting creating a pan fried effect.
Product Safety & Quality

Product Safety & Quality

Loscoe Chilled Foods recognise the crucial part we play in protecting our customer’s brands and consumers. Product safety is part of our culture and we continuously invest in people, processes and equipment to ensure robust product traceability, segregation, quality control, provenance and animal welfare.

We use independent laboratory testing to verify the safety of our products.

Our dedicated technical team continuously audit our supplier base to ensure only we source from approved suppliers as committed to food safety as we are.

Loscoe Chilled Foods are approved by BRC, Red Tractor, SMETA and are members of Camden BRI.

We are approved by many major retailers including M&S and Tesco.

Product Development

Product Development

Our Product Development experts work with our customers to develop new and bespoke recipes. All products can be custom made to suit the customer’s requirements including raw material, country of origin, raw material accreditation, ingredients, meat content, Packaging etc. The options are endless!

Our new brochure is coming soon

Our new brochure is coming soon

We produce a full range of superior quality meat products. All meats, cooked and uncooked, in multiple formats and offering unlimited variation tailor made to the customer’s exact specification as well as deli meats like chorizo, pastrami and corned beef.